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The Foundation's Summary of Grants 1979-1996
New York Institute for the Education of the Blind:
to purchase Kurzweil reading machine, which scans and converts printed materials into spoken English or Braille.
North Shore University

to purchase equipment to analyze genetic abnormalities in children; to equip the Pediatric Trauma Center with a mobile intensive care unit and two Hewlett-Packard bedside monitoring systems.
St Francis Hospital:
to purchase equipment for this Long Island pediatric special care unit to double its capacity.
St Hilda’s and St Hugh’s School:
to fund scholarships for disabled students.
State University of New York Research Fund:
to support the study of water balance in premature infants and its effects on their survival rate; to support research on effects of marijuana on the unborn.
University of California:
to sponsor research on non-pharmacologic treatment approaches to childhood depression.

New York League for the Hard of Hearing:
to purchase mobile unit equipment used to test hearing of children in hospitals and schools in New York metropolitan area.
Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America:
inauguration of the Arthur H. Huene Memorial Award to support research in the field of pediatric orthopaedics.
St Mary’s Episcopal Hospital for Children:
to purchase specially equipped transportation van for children confined to wheelchairs.
St Vincent’s Hospital & Medical Center:
to help purchase ultrasonic scanner for pediatrics department, to he used in detecting heart and other organ abnormalities.

New York University Medical Center:
to fund research on bleeding disorders of newborn children.
St Dominic’s Home:
to purchase equipment and supplies for a print and handicraft shop to provide pre-vocational program for multiple handicapped children.
St Joseph children’s Services:
to prepare site and purchase equipment and supplies for children’s medical and dental facility.
Stanford University Medical Center:
to buy equipment and pay for technical assistance to further research on stimulating bone growth (in cases of children’s bone deficiency and related orthopaedic diseases) by use of electromagnetic fields.
Tulane Medical Center:
to help endow a chair at the Center’s Department of Ophthalmology for the benefit of children; to support research in chemically modified radiology treatments of children’s eyes.

Valley Children’s Hospital:
to assist this California central-plains-area pediatric intensive care unit in providing care for critically ill children.
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