________New York, NY
The Foundation's Summary of Grants 1979-1996
Blythedale Children’s Hospital:
to purchase electrodiagnostic equipment.
The Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children:
to expand group home for rehabilitation of abused girls.
Cold Spring Harbor laboratory:
to fund two fellowships in research on genetics and detection of leukemia m children.
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center:
to establish research and diagnostic laboratory devoted to understanding and treating hereditary degeneration of the retina in children; to support biomechanical research in measurement of the healing process in congenital diseases of long bones in children; to support research in detecting and preventing failure of surgical devices implanted in children; to support research in microsurgery for replacing bone sections in children; to fund research on and development of synthetic ligaments to correct spinal deformity in children; to establish a pediatric epilepsy monitoring center at Babies Hospital.
  Brookwood Child Care:
to build and equip a play area for handicapped children; to support permanent adoptions from group homes; to build and equip a library and resource center for pre-school children.
Children’s Hospital at Stanford:
to support research on juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Children’s Medical center of Brooklyn:
to fund research on Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a gastrointestinal disease in premature children.
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital:
to fund pediatric orthopaedics research on uneven limb development; to support research in molecular genetics of pediatric brain tumors.
Brigham & Women’s Hospital:
to support research in cell structure and the regulation of calcium levels in the body.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden:
to support construction and equipping of a children’s instructional greenhouse.
Children’s Heart Hospital of Philadelphia:
to purchase pulmonary function testing equipment primarily to evaluate asthmatic children.
Church Charity Foundation of Long Island:
to equip a children’s examination and treatment room in the St. John’s Episcopal Hospital emergency center.
Community Hospital at Glen Cove:
seed funds to develop a self-supporting pediatric services unit.
Columbia University:
to fund research on Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV) and testing of the immunological duration of chickenpox vaccine; to establish and endow The John H. Livingston Professorship of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery.
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