________New York, NY
The Foundation's Summary of Grants 1979-1996
Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center:
to install automatic doors at this cerebral palsy center devoted to rehabilitating children.
Cumberland College:
to fund scholarships for disabled students.
Georgetown University Medical Center:
to support research on the relationship between the nervous system and bronchial asthma.
Hospital for Special Surgery:
to build a pediatric solarium; to build and equip an adjacent pediatric rehabilitation area.
Loma Linda University Medical Center:
to support research in juvenile spasticity and develop a way to measure improvement through orthopaedic treatment.
Mercy Hospital:
to support infant apnea program and help reduce incidence of Sudden Infant Death syndrome victims.
Harvard Medical School:
to help study and develop imaging techniques in the skeletal surgery of children.
Huntington Hospital:
to build and equip a pediatric section of the hospitals Primary Health Care Center.
Long Island College Hospital:
to purchase educational/therapeutic materials for infants with nervous system disorders; to purchase equipment for the pediatric emergency room to expedite care of critically injured and seriously ill children; to support a computer-based program to help children with learning disabilities.
Nassau Hospital:
to purchase ultra-sound sonographer used to evaluate the size of premature infants’ brain ventricles and assess brain growth.
Episcopal Mission Society in the Diocese of New York:
to support a foster parent counseling program; to support foster children’s after-school remedial education program.
Helen Keller Services for the Blind:
to establish a center for training blind and visually impaired children in the use of computers; to help seek earliest possible detection of visual defects; to purchase a Kurzweil optical scanner to convert books into Braille.
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation:
to support the development of molecular sensor device to read blood sugar levels.
MBF Computer Center:
to purchase specialized computer and workstation equipment to teach job skills to multi-disabled children.New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center:
to purchase equipment for new eye research center to be jointly used by Cornell Medical Center. Rockefeller University. and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; to purchase equipment for research in genetic glaucoma; to support research in the treatment of retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina) in the eyes of young children.
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