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The Foundation's Endowment

Since 1979, the endowment of St. Giles Foundation has grown from $3.7 million to $26.1 million.

The foundation has never had a formal fund-raising campaign. The main sources of endowment growth have come from friends of St. Giles, and principally through bequests in their wills. We plan to continue this quiet approach to the steady growth of our endowment and the expansion of our ability to help disabled children.

A good indication of St. Giles' reach and effectiveness can be gained from the history of our grants. Since the first year of grant distributions in 1979, the Foundation has made 131 grants valued at $9.22 million, ranging in size from 4,200 to $300,000. These grants have paid for a great diversity of research projects, facilities, equipment, therapy programs, and educational social programs all in some way benefiting disabled children.

As a smaller foundation, we are able to conserve our endowment income and channel most of it into grants. We maintain contacts with influential individuals in most of the disciplines which our grants support; thus, we often find the grant opportunity before it finds us a --- further savings of our time and financial resources. Because of our special knowledge and contacts in these fields, we are in a position to make grants where other less specialized foundations could not do so. In this way, we provide startup funds for projects that later on are able to attract funding from conventional sources.